Christmas Wishes

We can’t settle on our favorite part of the holidays. We have dozens of traditions we love, and we keep thinking of even more.  But we do agree that somewhere very near the top of our list is the simple pleasure of wishing you a happy holiday. Thank you for being a part of the Fidalgo Coffee community. We are grateful for your friendship.

We wish you a season of joy. Every day as you sip your coffee, may you be inspired by the wonder of what is possible. We encourage you to ponder how you can win the day for yourself and others. You can make a difference! You are important to us and to everyone you encounter. 

We wish you a sense of serenity and confidence as you tackle the challenges that come your way this season. May you be pleasantly surprised by the grace and ease with which you accomplish it all!

We wish you an abundance of time with family and friends. The people you care about and those who care dearly for you. May the time you share be filled with spontaneous fun and deeply cherished conversations. We hope this season is a treasure trove of happy memories.

We wish you the opportunity to impart true kindness to a neighbor or stranger. Someone who can benefit from your smile or word of encouragement in a way they needed more than you imagined.  May you give this person the spark to rekindle their hopes and pass this encouragement on to the next person.

We wish you extra time so that you can focus on your list of favorite things. To call a friend you haven’t talked to in a while. To watch a movie classic. To window shop, view the holiday lights, or do something festive you truly enjoy.

And most of all, we wish you peace. May you be filled with a sense of calm and truth knowing everything will work out the way that it is supposed to.

On behalf of the Fidalgo Coffee team, we wish you a magical holiday season. May all your days in December be merry and bright.

~ Your Friends at Fidalgo Coffee

December 05, 2022

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