Seeing is Believing

Seeing is Believing

Independent coffee shops are one of the bright spots in the economy. Thanks for pouring on the hustle and pivoting to new ways of serving customers under truly difficult circumstances. Your flexibility, “can do” mentality, creativity and the customer’s passion for coffee are the perfect blend for business success.

Fidalgo Coffee is delighted to share the newly released report from Square and SCA on their Covid-19 findings so you can leverage the data and spring forward to greater growth.

All business owners have a natural gut instinct for their numbers. Savvy business owners know their real numbers, refer to them often, set goals for the next step up, and an action plan to get there. Have you had time to run reports and analyze where you are winning?  Where you can improve? The Fidalgo Coffee team is ready to assist you in reviewing your actual numbers.
As Washington State prepares to reopen, the playing field is in many ways wiped clean. What are your dreams for rebuilding and growing? Do your numbers support that dream? Where else can you pivot? How can Fidalgo Coffee contribute to your success?
As your business partner, Fidalgo Coffee is committed to running alongside you to grow profitably. Let’s discuss your product mix, every aspect of your customer marketing plans, finances, and more. We challenge you to see the future in a bold new way. We want to collaborate with you to develop an abundantly strong future. With a clear vision and path forward, it is easy to believe in the goal.  
We look forward to serving you and bringing joy to all with coffee. For the world’s best coffee, syrups, sauces, cups, and personal service, Contact Us.

June 10, 2020
7 Tips for Pick Up Only Service

7 Tips for Pick Up Only Service

As our business partner, the Fidalgo team is delighted you opened this email. Why? Because you’re about to receive an awesome deal!

For a limited time, Torani operators receive commission-free use of Joe, the #1 rated mobile ordering and loyalty app for coffee operators. Simply mention you heard about this special offer from Torani and Joe will not charge you commission for 90 days. The 2.95% transaction fee does apply. To learn more about the 90-day special offer Click Here









Our commitment to you is to consistently provide savvy ways for us all to win. To keep your cash register ringing, we are happy to share this 1:43 video Joe produced detailing 7 Tips for Pick Up Service. Loaded with helpful ideas, we hope you take a moment to watch and implement these best practices.

At Fidalgo Coffee, our mission is to bring joy to all with coffee. For the world’s best coffee, syrups, sauces, cups, and personal service, Contact Us


June 02, 2020