A Flavorful Drink and a Celebration of Spring - Fidalgo Coffee's Tulip Festival Blend

A Flavorful Drink and a Celebration of Spring - Fidalgo Coffee's Tulip Festival Blend

We're all more than ready for springtime this year. Fidalgo Coffee Roaster's delicious, flavorful coffee sustained us through the cold months. But now it's time to put the frigid weather behind us and wade through drifts of vibrantly hued tulips, as we sip a java made just for spring.

The 2022 Skagit Valley Tulip Festival has begun. It's a wonderful seasonal celebration that takes place each year in and around the towns of Whitney, Fredonia, Mount Vernon, Burlington, Avon, and Skagit City, in the state of Washington. Locals love the festival and many visitors from across the continent make a trek to see the tulips an annual springtime ritual.

Tulip Festival Blend

Tulip Festival Blend

“Where flowers bloom, so does hope.” This optimism is attributed to Lady Bird Johnson, former First Lady of the United States.

Hope is energy. Hope opens the heart, mind, and soul. Emerging science tells us that hope even makes us healthy. Hope is so vital, April has become the “National Month of Hope.”  So, take a sip of coffee, clear your mind, and visualize a new situation, whether it is about your health, a relationship, your career, or the dreams of your heart.

Fidalgo Coffee Orange Spice Mocha

How to Make an Orange Spice Mocha

Cozy up this fall season with a warm and festive drink straight from the Fidalgo Coffee kitchen: Orange Spice Mocha!
Ready to Sell Summer?

Ready to Sell Summer?

Welcome to June!  In anticipation of summer, Fidalgo Coffee is delighted to bring our taste of the season, Summer Blend to your grocery store.

With the rush of increased business and all you are doing, have you considered the many ways customers can incorporate coffee into their grocery list?  The longer, sunny days, plus so many still working from home, offer more ways to enjoy coffee: 

  • Hot coffee in the morning,
  • Iced coffee in the afternoon,
  • Cocktails around the BBQ,
  • As an ingredient with baked goods throughout the day.

As our business partner, let us know how we can assist you in merchandising and serving your customers with Fidalgo Coffee.  Let’s discuss strategies to make this summer sizzle with sales.     

How can we serve you today? Contact us at Orders@FidalgoCoffee.com