Subscribe & Save - Whole Bean - 12 ounce, 4 Pack

Subscribe & Save with the best ground coffee from the Pacific Northwest!

With Fidalgo Coffee's Subscribe & Save program, you're in control. Set your shipment to ship on the interval you want. This is the best way to ensure you never run out of coffee while saving money on every order!

The bags of coffee in this subscription are "Whole Bean" and ready for you to grind when you're ready to brew - the best way to have ultra-fresh coffee!


Light Roast: Lighter roasted coffee beans still provide a punch of flavor. They are not roasted as long as our other roasts so the bean is a lighter color. Lighter roasts tend to have more caffeine content as the roasting process hasn't cooked out some of the caffeine. If you like your bread lightly toasted or not toasted at all - this could be the roast level for you!

Medium Roast: Medium-light and Medium-dark roasted coffees are the perfect balance between a lightly roasted coffee and a darker roasted coffee. If you don't want the wild flavors of the light roast but you're also looking to shy away from the darker side - this is the perfect zone for you.

Dark Roast: A rich, dark cup of coffee is a popular selection with many. Our dark roasts are carefully crafted to ensure the beans are roasted to that perfect point to bring out the nuances of the roasting process along with the natural flavors of the coffee. If you enjoy meat well-done or your bread on the more toasted side, this is for you.